Produced for layers, turkeys, broilers, and geese. The PeckStones can be dispersed throughout the house inside the green container or on top of the empty container. It also can be hung from the ceiling, this is especially useful for turkey growers.

The PECKStones help promote behavior that is less harmful to the bird as their natural instinct to search for food and consumption is redirected to the stones!  The PECKStone ingredients and natural abrasive surface contributes to a natural grooming of the beaks, this aids in keeping the beaks dull and therefore less injury to other birds. As a result, this preoccupation tool effectively lowers the cannibalistic behavior which helps lower mortality and promotes a healthier flock.

The ingredients of PECKStone is a specific selection of wheat bran and minerals that keep the interest of the birds month after month.


PECKStone Directions:

  1. Use it inside or under a covered area.

  2. Disperse evenly throughout the house, allow 1 Stone per 500 to 800 layers. For turkeys allow 1 Stone per 500 birds and for broilers up to 1 Stone per 1,000 birds.

  3. The PECKStones can be placed in the houses without removing from the container, it can also be removed and placed on top of the upside down empty container. There is also an option to hang the PECKStones from the ceiling, this allows the grower to make adjustments as the birds grow (popular with turkey growers).